All you looking for comfort,
find here the love of God.
All you looking for direction,
find here the guiding hand of God.
All you hoping to end loneliness,
find here the welcome of God and neighbor.
All you searching for life's meaning,
find here the Lord of life and the revealer of truth.
All you seeking happiness,
find here the deep joy of the risen Christ and the lasting peace of forgiveness.

Responsive prayer for our world

Lord, sometimes the world feels like it’s spinning out of control.
     We no longer believe what we hear or read.
We’ve grown cynical about everything from climate change 
to the number of American children who are hungry.
     We don’t want to know what we know.
We feel powerless in the face of painful realities; 
we pretend they don’t exist.
     You call us to do what we can; to live life with honesty and integrity.
To make a difference; to not sit back and think only of ourselves.
     Lord, let our lives be a witness to your love and concern for the world.
     Help us begin anew today.  Amen.